Friday, March 07, 2008

It's alive! It's alive!

Dr Frankenstein's log, entry # 425

After successfully locating and dismembering the correct corpses for the task of creating life, I sought help in the form of a young and dazzling technician, let us call him Raf. Raf sew all the pieces together, knotted nerves and muscles and provided the specimen with all the correct organs.

Later on, after successfully replacing some organs with better and improved ones, I tested the specimen by running current through it. The results were unsatisfactory. The specimen's heart was faulty.

This was a major setback.

Luckily, when in the club, while venting my frustrations, a young and brilliant girl offered solution. Let us call her Frau Hänsen. Frau Hänsen apparantly has connections with gravediggers all through the land, and promised me a healthy and strong hart, a young man's hart.

This proved to be successful. The young hart gave enough energy to the specimen and everything seems to be in an operatable mode.

In short: It's alive! It's alive! It's alive!

And that all thanks to Raf und Frau Hänsen! Thanks guys.

(my computer's repaired! I'm back!)


Zimbob said...

...and the servants applauded loudly
in the kitchen.

Lebbercherrie said...

So I treated them on port and biscuits.

pablo c. said...

A nice one !

But Frankenstein would have hated computers. They would have stolen his thunder.

Lebbercherrie said...

Perhaps. But something tells me that computers are the new and all too real Monster of Frankenstein. Not quite capable of the same things, but eerily alike.

Pablo c. said...

That is exactly what I meant !!