Friday, January 25, 2008

Silly Shit n° 4

There comes a time in every young man's life where he tries to find out where his boundaries lie.

And you only know where they are when you cross them. So, yes, I've waken up a few times with some very bad hangovers, yes, I've puked in more buckets and wastebins then I care to remember, yes, I've made slurred passes at female bystanders,yes, pissed myself occasionally, and yes, got knocked out with fair reason.

It's only afterwards that these stories become fun. Like veterans showing old scars, drunks exchange drinking stories. Most of them haven't got a clue, apart from "Dude, I was soooo wasted" This is actually one of the few that has a clue. The best one there is. Drink for your pleasure, never to impress. And never try to drink your best friend under the table. Both of you will get terribly hurt.

(We even ate the mint leaves of our mojito's, telling each other that they had absorped the rum, and couldn't get rid of our rum-breath the next morning in class, which was so early I was still drunk)

Oh and this Silly Shit is dedicated to my sister who is far sweeter then you'd think, judging from this comic. Remember, she had to put up with me for twenty-odd years... could you do it?


Zimbob said...


Occy said...

nice one - been down that road too a couple of times, and indeed: never again

Lebbercherrie said...

Thankee-sai, I say, much too kind. Fancy a pint?

Pablo Carpintero said...

How true.

But you haven't really been drunk unless you tanked a couple of Pat O'Brian's "Hurricanes" in New Orleans.
Holy sh* ! An experience never ever to be repeated !!

But keep testing your boundaries young man !

Lebbercherrie said...

Now I'm curious: what is the exact recipe for a "hurricane", Pablo?

The drunkest I ever was was after a bottle of Genepy. Don't trust Italian liquor, my friend, just don't.

pablo said...

I have left an answer before. Hope it doesn't appear double now (ahum).

You can google the composition with "hurricane" and "pat o'brian". But the real ingredients are secret.

One glass is pure heaven, divine, and I mean it.

Two glasses : most of my friends were comatose for over a day - they didn't leave their rooms. I was transformed in an aching stone statue.

Three glasses : sudden death ?

And, when in Italy, I like my occasional grappa.

daddy said...

die twee uit deze cartoon, zijn dat de eikel en de lul uit vorige
cartoon ?

Lebbercherrie said...

Moehahaha! Den daddy slaat weer toe.

Ok, Pablo, I'll have a look around. Thanks.