Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wat zit er in de rugzak / what's hiding in my backpack ?

Vanishingword van heeft me wééral getagd. Bon, de inhoud van mijn rugzak. For easy reading in English. However, growing tired of meme's. This will be the last one. Hope you understand.

Contents of black standard size Eastpack backpack.

Little pocket on the front:

1 dirty coffe cup, need to take it home to wash it out
2 black markers, one size 90 N and one size 70 N
2 pencases
5 loose pens
17 loose drawing pens, black
1 loose drawing pen, red
1 flashlight
4 pencils
1 agenda
1 metal ruler, 20 cm
1 staff-entry pass for work
1 fluorescent yellow marker
3 pages of notes
10 library reader exit passes
1 set of job application forms

big pocket:

2 pens (black)
1 namecard from my colleague at the Center for American Studies
1 empty candy wrapper
1 can of Coca Cola Light Sango
1 book (Céline, Journey to the end of the night)
1 sketchbook (rarely leave home without one)
1 crumbled up old motorcycle magazine
several pages of hotrods (for drawing purposes)
1 photo of surfer girl (for drawing purposes as well)
1 brochure about the new lay out of the train station
1 brochure on reductions I get with my Countdown card
1 set of pages on the rules of a cartoon competition I never entered
1 short list of cab companies
1 jotted down book reference
1 website adress on a piece of paper
1 printed out font
1 thank you email from a satisfied customer
the same font printed again
1 Metro (free newspaper for people who take the train)
1 Humo (popular magazine which focussess on music, radio, television, politics, literature,...)
more pages on hot-rods and fab looking engines
1excerpt of the Belgian State Magazine (6 pages of very dry and tedious legislation on sick-leave)
1 copy of Large magazine ( (no, it's not about large women, Zimbob!)
my diploma (needed some copies)
my lunch for today (four sandwiches, one apple, one joghurt, one chocolate cookie)
strips and strands of paper
overview of extra hours worked in the past month
4 pirated DVD's

There. And yes, It's cleaned up now, so at least half of it has been thrown away now.


Occy said...

impressive, though I'd have thought you would've finished the Celine-book by now

lebbercherrie said...

It seems like there's always something coming between me and the Céline. And for some reason it doesn't read too well on the train.

Kathleen said...

MMM , ik denk dat ik nu wel een manier weet om je je kasten doen uit te kuisen en de garage en de....

lebbercherrie said...

Ik heb de kast uitgekuist! ;-)


Is dat je overlevingspakket voor in de bib? MMM zou dringend overwegen om een middeltje tegen irritante collega's mee te nemen.

lebbercherrie said...

Een baseball-bat? Een uzi? Een CD van Rammstein?

vanishingword said...

1 crowbar
1 ski mask
1 flash light
5 rings of house keys
6 spiderman outfit

lebbercherrie said...

1 police radio scanner
3 jars, containing human organs
1 hunting knife, sharp
1 machete, dirty and splattered
1 copy of "Catcher in the Rye", smudged and notes scribbled in the borders in a increasingly hysterical fashion
1 map of the city, with every back alley coloured in red and every empty house couloured in blue

....psychokiller, q'est que c'est?...

vanishingword said...

1 roll of duct tape
1 large American car with big trunk
1 bag of cut up magazine letters
2 photos of mom at the trailer park
1 letter from mom in prison
2 spark plug glass to break windows with
1 moose love call whistle